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Apple Watch - threat or possibility?

posted 12 Mar 2015, 01:59 by Markus Helander   [ updated 12 Mar 2015, 05:42 ]
I just had to take a poke at this.

After the Apple event two days ago on March 9th, I got even more certain that this device, at present, does absolutely nothing to me. The thing is not that they're late and there are many other devices doing the same things. I appreciate the design - Apple rarely stumbles with that. The smoothness of the case and especially the perfectly gliding strap lug mechanism and the magnetic strap lock system. I think, out of all manufacturers, Apple may be the only one that probably actually succeeds in that perfect fit and finish!

Firstly, I came up with two.. no, three features that I would want to use on this watch that use the phone that is sitting tight in your pocket/purse:
  • tactile vibration to give notification of incoming messages, calls, etc.
    • I'll gladly keep my cell on silent basically always if I can get the info in some other way.
  • turn-by-turn navigation fed from the main device to the watch screen.
    • I like the idea of having my hand on steering wheel and getting the info I need with an easy glance.
  • activity monitoring and health information
    • I don't need it per se, but I can see the use of getting something tell you when you've sat too long and you're behind your daily activity or step count. Of course there are already dozens of devices that do this already but with a sweet Apple-like interface, it could really be something.
Since the actual mobile communicating device will be in the said pocket or purse for a little while more, my need or want for the tactile functions will not be going anywhere. The two others, navigation and activity features, can easily be included in the watch itself, probably already planned to the later iterations.

I don't want to see the likes and the pokes and the comments on my hand. I can take the time for it; have a break or a lunch and browse them through from a bigger screen. And speaking to the watch is a nice wet dream for 10 year olds' but actually doing it - really. Just put the phone to the speaker mode and do it like it's supposed to do and alone since it's infuriating enough to hear someone's voice through the call of the person sitting next to you. Also, there's the social stigma of looking at your watch - it tells your bored or late. It tells others that you'd more likely be somewhere else.. obviously that may be true. The same goes with taking your phone out on a dinner, meeting, or other social occurrences to browse your feed or commenting. Really something that has been around the past few years. But actually the three-point list above tells my feelings of the new Apple Watch. Get those working perfectly and the watch might be on my impulse buy short list for 2015.

And make it pair with Android - just in case.