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Eterna Media Competition WIN

posted 15 Jul 2015, 00:55 by Markus Helander

Won't you look at that! I actually won something!
This is really huge for me personally. I read about the Eterna Media Competition originally from the Finnish Watchmakers' Association site and knew instantly that I have a story to tell. The story would be about a trip to Iceland where an Eterna watch played a big part.

So, I dug up the images, wrote some words, sent it to Eterna vie email, Twitter and Instagram and forgot about it. You can imagine my surprise when I received the email of my win. You can read the finished product here.

Now, a few weeks later I've received the watch and made arrangements for the flights. I'm still waiting for additional information of the schedule once landed in Zürich but to my understanding there should be a dinner, a visit to their factory and some time to visit the town. I'll be writing a new article of the visit in September (or October at the latest), so if you're interested in this, stick around or at least remember to pop by for visit later this year.

Oh, and the watch I won was an Eterna KonTiki Chronograph with a steel bracelet. I swapped a green nato because summer - soon it's going to be back with the steel.

Here's the link to my story once more:
Eterna KonTiki 1958 Automatic -01

Thanks for reading!
Thanks Eterna!