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The Good Guys

posted 3 Jun 2015, 10:20 by Markus Helander   [ updated 5 Jun 2015, 10:29 ]
Buying luxury items, or anything more expensive, online is always a possible huge risk. Like many others, I've found the exceptionally good prices more and more appealing over the years. In my experience the best prices are most often from Southern Europe and unfortunately also the wildest stories and rumours are from the same area. So that's how the risk starts to materialize.

In order to make future sales easier (or less riskier), I decided to list my online, non-private seller, purchases here. They haven't all gone like in the movies, but in the end at least I have been satisfied.

  • Orologiando di Bertolini Emilio,, Zenith El Primero Rainbow.

    The price including shipping was the lowest in Europe. Pictures were good and
    condition matched the pictures. The chrono function had some issues after the first week, and after been forced to deny that I had somehow broken it, the seller agreed to refund the cost of the service in Finland. Also, the possibility to send the watch back to the seller was an option. Communication was good and the answers came quickly.

  • RomaOrologi,, IWC Portofino.

    Again, Italy FTW and price is right. The watch worked perfectly and the service was fast. Shipping to Finland was very expensive. However, one thing that was not visible on the pictures, was the worn out anti reflective coating. I suppose from sloppy polishing, the edges from the crystal were complete lacking the AR coating. This was visible when tilting the watch in different light conditions. The seller wanted to resolve this by taking the watch back and refunding all but the, again very expensive, shipping costs. My counter argument of the price of new crystal as a partial refund was accepted after negoatiations. The negotiations were made more difficult by the lack of translator in the middle since the English wasn't that good in the other end.

  • Diamond Centre Ludovisi,, Ulysse Nardin San Marco GMT

    Seems like Italy is my favorite place. Scared to visit there in the future. Terrific seller, though, the language barrier between us was probably the largest to date. Again, the delivery to Finland was expensive for what ever reason, but communication was fast and more pictures were supplied upon request. Everything went just fine!

  • TheSwissCaliber, SwissCaliber on Chrono24,, Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Memovox

    Fast communication this time from Spain. Lots of good pictures and quality service from start to finish. Slight hiccup pre-delivery since it turned out that they aren't actually in continental Spain. Normally not a big deal, but in this case, purchasing from the Canary Islands means extra 24% VAT when the watch arrives to the Finnish customs. TheSwissCaliber saved the day, though, since one of them was travelling to Riga next week so he took the watch and send it from there. Good stuff!

  • Nikias Gold,, Montblanc Star 4810 Automatic Date

    A great site, truly great service. To my understanding Nikias Gold is a local pawn shop in Athens and, again, the prices are absolutely fabulous! The communication was easy and fast. Shipping was extra but not that much. The watch was just as described and worked well for all the time I had it. Flipper's disease, you know..

  • Topper Jewelers,, Ball Engineer Master II DLC

    From the US, solid dealer and a sponsor of Had to add the VAT 24% and a significant shipping fee, but at the time Ball watches were not everywhere. Again, I went for the budget model that had slightly scrathed bezel and hugely smaller price. The pictures showed the watch in much better condition than it really was but since I had been aware of the scratches, I decided not to go after a discount. Didn't mind them when I had it on my wrist but it was hell to sell it due to the markings. Quick shipping and good service. Nothing to complain other that the "marketing photos".

  • Olfert & Co,, Hamilton Khaki Field Officer Auto

    A certain model of Hamilton that was not easily available anywhere else. This has actually been the first and only time I've thought that I've been scammed. After a week of agreed delivery time I got absolutely no response from email, their contact page or Chrono24. I called the store and the customer service was very good and explained the situation. Supposedly the ordered watch had arrived them with a leather strap rather than the bracelet it was ordered with. Nobody had unfortunately cared to notify the customer about it. Well, all was well in the end an this was a completely new product so nothing to question there. Still the radio silence gives me the creaps.

Those are the ones I've dealt with and that have worked with me. Like said mostly Southern Europe and Italy but with a few exceptions on the side. Hope you get good experience from these or find solutions to those difficult situations that are usually linked to poor condition, lack of service, subpar customer service ect. All of these are also on probably with a Trusted Seller stamp but so are many many other.

Remember to buy the seller and be aware. Be safe.