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WTF Lollipop?

posted 20 Feb 2015, 03:52 by Markus Helander   [ updated 20 Feb 2015, 12:16 ]

The much anticipated Android Lollipop arrived to my 
Samsung GS5 few weeks back. I was all excited and stuff. 

Tho, after couple of hours and especially after the 
first night together, I wasn't.

I decided to list the things that really make me wonder what have they been thinking whether it is the Google devs or Samsung's layer on the top. My main issues are with the change of the way vibrate works, as well as forcing the use of privacy mode (which I like in principal). Then there's the UI change regarding the power off menu.

So, the few things:
  1. The power off menu does not include ringer options anymore.
    • Now, seriously! To get my cell on vibrate/silent or off of them, I need to unlock it, swipe down the menu and select the appropriate function there. What??
  2. The lock screen has an interesting set of pop-ups available.
    • No more notification icons in the top bar - thanks, I wanted to see my service provider there.
    • I can now either have half of the screen filled with two huge tiles and icons below them. Even if I want to have the "personal information" hidden. Useful as hell!
  3. There's a clever new privacy mode which enables one to set the phone to allow only the notifications you want.
    • I actually like this approach when in private mode but they've not thought it through properly - the only way to disable vibrate is to block everything with the private mode. Nice try, tho.
    • It also quiets the notification light to make sure I'm in perfect peace.
    • This is supposedly meant to replace the silent mode over all. All good and well but that if I want to set the phone next to me on the table and see if I get a message or a call without it vibrating (you know, like when in a meeting)? I can't. Stupid.
  4. Phone vibrates when battery is reached full capacity.
    • Always, everytime, unless the device is in full privacy mode blocking everything else in the way.
    • So, if I want to wake up to my kid calling in trouble, I also have to tolerate the 3am vibrate (which wakes me up) when the battery is full. FFfff!!
  5. Keyboard has started to bug.
    • It doesn't seem to crash per se since there's no crash notification but it just keeps not showing up in Whatsapp and Messenger. Cool stuff again!
  6. Fingerprint scanner hangs.
    • Every once in a while, I cannot unlock the device normally. The scanner does absolutely nothing. After blanking the screen it works again. Yet another Lollipop-introduced feature.
I am really seriously thinking if I should root my work phone or just switch to iPhone which also has its flaws. The thing is, before Lollipop, the SGS5 was really really good!

So sad..