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Montblanc Star 4810 Automatic -12

posted 9 Oct 2015, 10:19 by Markus Helander
I felt like writing about a watch with hideous, modern numerals, so obviously it was Montblanc!

I bought this watch because in the hour of need, it was there. Pretty, out of the ordinary, dial, cool bezel and sweet and interesting hands. And ha! No disgusting modern arabics but some oddly good looking romans.What an exquisitely pretty piece!

And where did I find such a clean gray surface?!

I remember this Montblanc having one of the greatest leather straps and butterfly clasps in a long time. Like the luxury pens, this one also has the clean and stylish Montblanc star logo. Also, unlike the other Swiss, this one has a neat detail in its seconds hand that I seem to be a sucker of. The innards are nothing special and the watch sits rather high on the wrist. Compared to another similar three-hander, the Portofino, this is huge - then again, the IWC is petite. 

But surely it is a pleasure to feast your eyes with the dial. Please.

Just to get this watch off my chest, type something new of something rather mundane.
I'd like to end this again with an artsy photo of a watch. Please.