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Omega Dynamic De Ville -74

posted 10 Jan 2015, 13:17 by Markus Helander   [ updated 24 Jan 2015, 09:30 ]
And one more for the road.

Something different, was the driving force when I started looking for this item. Even something so different, I had decided that it will not be found in the markets I was used to browsing through. Thus, it was time for me to reach outside the comfortable borders drawn by my homeland.

This fine piece was found from the Netherlands where a gentleman was downsizing his collection of vintage Omegas, IWCs and whatnot. The prices were not something one would call a steal and they were not negotiable. Due to the sheer size of his collection and the information laid out all over the site was enough to talk me into making my first overseas deal. After emailing back and forth I simply wired the funds to his account and crossed my fingers.

Produced between 1971 and 1979, this Dynamic had everything I was after:

  • Slightly larger, and then trendy, diameter. This I had secret-agented out of the receiver. Watches of normal (34-36mm) size had the risk of being too pretty and girly. If there was to be a timepiece, it had to have something that makes it stand out.
  • Out of the ordinary dial color. Everything is always black or white. Or that's what I thought at the time. Today, silver dials are also everywhere. But you really can't find that much brown dials, can you?
  • Applied everything. Indexes, date window, Omega logo were raised and applied. That, for me at least, is a mark of quality. Sure, machines can stamp whatever to nearly wherever, but seeing something that gives the dial more depth really does it for me. Even to this day, I always make a mental note whether the dial is printed or does it have something more to it.
  • A true vintage feel with a gilded case. I took a real risk with the case since gold (unless white) was, and to my knowledge is still not, the thing. But in this case (pun), it really works due to the dial and strap color. This time the risk paid out.
Omega marketing department had played their hand with cards like ergonomic, scientific and 'for human wrist'. Omega Dynamic really hugs your wrist - it really does. It is light, the strap is superb, though, not that easily changed, available and very pricey. I can imagine how different it looked back then and while the size is perfect for today's standards, it was on the large size back in the day.

Since I only have two images of the watch itself, I found an old advert of the Dynamic from the internets.

And like the add says, this was back then something new for women. Automatic watch, self-winding movement. Unlike nearly every watch out there, this one lacks the lugs that normally either makes the watch fit or makes it terrible to wear. Straps and bracelets are placed under the back place after unscrewing and screwing it. And since you need to remove the back plate for the strap, the movement is accessed only after removing the crystal. Would have been too easy.

Anyhow, the specs:

From 1974 this one, with an automatic 24-jewel Omega cal 565 movement. Running with basic three hands and a date. Beautifully curved acrylic crystal. According to Omega Vintage Database the price back then was around 125 USD - it's few time that today. The Omega reference ST 166.0145 has a unishell case which in theory makes it more water resistant, but I really doubt it could stand anything more then warm summer days.

Now that I'm writing this, I might actually want one, too. Maybe like the one the guy in the above picture has. Service the hell out of it, make it a keeper. Store it for my kids - make them fight over it.

Thanks! And happy birthday to you, once more!