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Omega Seamaster De Ville -72

posted 2 Apr 2015, 23:50 by Markus Helander   [ updated 2 Apr 2015, 23:51 ]
Time to look back on another vintage Omega.

I'm normally not in to yellow gold, but I was browsing through the "online catalog" of a Dutch collector, I started to think that I should give it a try. Try to dress the wrist up. I've always preferred white and red gold to yellow gold. It has probably something to to with the bling and the image of fake gold Rolexes people bring from European beach resorts. And, obviously, compared to stainless steel in watches, the price range is quite different, too.

The watch itself was fantastic in every way and as in all other cases, it got traded but this one had a slight hick-up.


This was solid gold and in excellent condition! Or at least in excellent condition. Having bought the watch from the Netherlands and received it from, he must have been, a very kind and polite, postman, I soon discovered the 14k mark between the lugs but after opening up the unishell case the inside of the caseback was stainless steel.

I contacted the seller and let him know of the situation. He didn't believe me (and accused me of calling him a liar) until I took a photo and sent it to him. After apologizing a great deal he pinned it to his watch maker and how he just went with the information he had.

He offered me another watch off his collection to compensate, but I really didn't have a need for that. How odd is that? No need for a new watch! Anyway, we ended up settling the deal with a partial refund and quite a bit of embarrassement on his part.

Another thing I'll always remember from this, and the "vintage smell" of all the post packaged of this fine gentleman, is the solid gold buckle. Even if the case was only gold plated, the buckle was solid. It really looked fantastic and I found myself looking at the flip side of my wrist every once in a while.

A fantastic gold piece with a true Omega feel.