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Rado Purple Horse -70s

posted 21 Dec 2014, 04:44 by Markus Helander   [ updated 21 Dec 2014, 04:48 ]
My first and so far only Rado. Something that back then had the basic vintage 34mm looks, materials, the lot. Today, mostly glossy black with futuristic attitude to mechanical watches - nothing bad about it. Just not my thing.

Now, Purple horse was my choice only for one reason: the freely swinging Rado logo. The logo itself is an anchor - something is said to represent the success of their mechanical automatic watches. The Rado rotating logo is something that it not seen with other labels. It is attached to the dial but is not connected to the movement. I read somewhere that it was introduced in 1962.

Dial and crown had the anchor, case back had the seahorse. Bracelet was not original and the leather strap that it came with was terrible. I swapped it with the pictured white (some might say girly). This watch was obviously stainless steel with the case width without crown measuring 34mm and the case thickness is about 8mm. Crystal wa acrylic, but what I once more love about the watches of this era, are the framed day-date windows and raised indexes.

There are horses of other colors, too. The Rado Seahorse family have also green, silver, golden horses. This line of Rados also had a common feature of a seahorse motif on the case back. The motif is accompanied with a water-sealed text so at least originally these had some kind of water resistance.

Rado Purple horse uses a gold plated automatic ETA 2872 with 17 jewels and quickset date function. Unfortunately, my piece was damaged by the earlier user. I guess the watch was adjusted when the date was changing and when I got the piece, the date could not be set. Good things are that 1) these are dirt cheap and 2) I even got some money back from the seller and with that I got the watch in running order again.

My first vintage automatic, cheap, slightly problematic. These are the feelings that I remember from this piece. Did not get that much wrist time in the end and of course spent some time being serviced. Something new, anyway, so I left this feeling good.

My vintage spree will end to the next piece. An Omega, once more, but not quite something that I might have guessed. Then again, that wasn't going for me.