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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II -91

posted 13 Jul 2015, 09:25 by Markus Helander
Ah, Rolex.

At the time simply the only Rolex I felt I could ever own. The other models were just too boring or.. for the elderly. Funny how that changes over time. Today, I have completely different thoughts about the brand itself and totally different favorites from its rather wide selection of pure classics.

This being my first Rolex, I was scared to say the least, about the possibility to end up with a fake. I bought this from the now notorious Finnish Hallin Kello dealer at a fairly good price - notorious since the owner later, a few months later to be exact, decided to fake a robbery to get the insurance money out. Though, and maybe an early sign of that something was wrong with the place, there was so much going on at the store when I picked this up, I hauled the piece straight to a watch maker. To be fair, the term 'store' might be too generous for the dealer since it was really more of a wide window that the watches were sold from.

Now, it was a full set complete with tags and papers from Japan. Supposedly the Explorer II was serviced and fully operational but in few hours it turned out that I had in my hands a twenty-year-old virgin. According to the watch maker, the watch had never been opened, let alone serviced, the case had been polished wrong and the bracelet was unevenly put together. Regardless of the lack of service of the Rolex 3185 movement, it was still running near chronometer standards. Imagine that.

I found the Explorer II very well balanced and a true tool watch. I got some heresy accusations when I changed the steel bracelet to a British green nato strap - bad me! I serviced the watch, got a small partial refund, and wore my new old Rolex with pride. In the beginning at least.

After a few months, which is actually a significant period for me to wear any watch, all together, I started to feel people's eyes beam my brand watch. They of course didn't. Nobody notices others watches, unless they're a fellow watch
aficionado. Nevertheless, I stopped feeling comfortable with the watch and I still feel awkward with Rolex written on the dial.

To this date, the 16570 will be one of four Rolexes I've owned, and all of them have made me feel uncomfortable. I have decided, among other things, silly or not, that my next Rolex will be 1981 GMT Master and that's it. Or maybe a Submariner. Or Explorer I. Or.. well you get the idea.

From the pair below, I felt the white one was the better one, but I still preferred the black El Primero instead. Maybe I'll discuss that next.

Thanks for reading!