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Seiko Diver's 200m Automatic -08

posted 6 Apr 2015, 10:21 by Markus Helander   [ updated 6 Apr 2015, 10:22 ]
Another of my true Catch & Releases.

Never had a Seiko before and I saw this while browsing through F2 at Price was next to nothing, around 200 US dollars and at the time the rate to Euro was perfect so I pulled the trigger.

I remember looking at the tracking info on USPS website and actually laughing when I saw the watch being shipped from East US towards Hawaii. Obviously the tracking stopped when it left the States so after Hawaii, there was nothing! The laughing ended when I had not heard anything of the delivery after two weeks. It took about a month for the watch to arrive at my office. Go USPS.

I got the watch, loved the fit and feel of it. I remember the click of the dive ring sounded tight and very pleasant. Even the bracelet felt excellent, tho I'd heard the Seiko bracelets were a bit flimsy.

In the end the Seiko was too top heavy for my taste and I flipped it forward to my then boss. I have understood that he still has it - though, it shouldn't be that strange since normal people (not watch enthusiasts) don't sell watches - ever.

But I do. I'm that kind of a guy. And this guy is still some twenty watch articles behind.
We'll see what's next.