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Suunto T3 -07

posted 2 Feb 2015, 05:16 by Markus Helander   [ updated 2 Feb 2015, 05:19 ]
The real oddball of the lot, Suunto sports watch, was really an aftershock of my first Authorized Dealer purchase Tag Heuer Carrera (thoughts here). The store was neat and shiny, the people were kind and pretty, I was in ecstasy after my first luxury piece - I was vulnerable, if you will.

I was big long distance running ja activities alike and felt that I would get more out of myself with the help of this kind of monitoring device. But I remember I wasn't too keen on the models at hand so we discussed long about the possibilities of modding my acquisition-to-be. It had to be the T3 since it had the strap options I wanted. However, the orange strap picture below was not available to a new watch and it had to be ordered as an accessory. So, that is what I did. When walking out with my second Caratia shopping pouch, this time containing a battery-powered timepiece, it had the orange strap attached and the black basic strap as an extra.


Obviously, I had to also get the heart rate belt to get my beat right when running. And, of course, I had to get the Nike foot device, to track me and get data of my progress. This was actually the first moments of my life with then modern and fancy smart phones. I had a HTC Legend (then wow) and from some ad I found out that you could pair the Nike+ Foot Pod to you phone and get the data on to a Nike site where you could 'compete' with others and see other registered people near you. Come to think of it, it might have been some Facebook thing, which was also the newest thing in Finland then.

This watch tracked my half marathons and gym visits well. I got to know where my heart rate goes when running and I got to try to keep up with other with Nike+. Though, in the winter of 2008 when a thick layer of snow covered the streets and I decided to go for a jog anyway (as you do), I ran two laps of a two kilometer run, the pod totaled somewhere around 10 kilometers. The feel slipping in the snow might have fooled it slightly.

Anyhow; Suunto over Polar.
Since aesthetics.