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TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Tachymeter -07

posted 23 Nov 2014, 09:12 by Markus Helander   [ updated 21 Dec 2014, 03:16 ]
What would be a better way to start this than my very first luxury timepiece? I was going to go with "high-end" but as I've learned during the years with my watches, high-end was still to come at this point.

Now, TAG Heuer Carrera and all that jazz (ref. CV2015.BA0786):

It had your basic stainless steel case with display back, 42mm diameter and chronograph functions with 42 hour power reserve. The movement, TH Calibre 16, is also know as a super-reliable chronograph workhorse of a movement ETA7750. At the time, I did not know this nor did I care. It was couple of years later I came to contact with this machine with rather different feelings.

I'm trying to remember if there were other models that I had it compete with but nope, it was just the TH that was in my mind at the time. I remember I thought of getting the brown dialed version since Brad Pitt looked mighty fine wearing it in their posters - obviously. I went with the blue version since it was somehow more fresh and futuristic, if you will.

The watch itself worked perfectly. At the time I didn't periodically measure how it ran but it kept time, chrono function worked and I actually used it. I bought it with the steel bracelet (as you should) and about a month after the purchase I got the perforated leather (below) and the rubber strap (above). The case proved to be slightly ding-heavy since I felt that I was always trying to avoid hitting it into walls, desks, doors etc. I might have also been that this was still new to me and having this some 15mm high piece of steel swinging on my wrist took some getting used to.

It felt weird having something as valuable as that on me, but then again it might as well have been jewelry. I seldom liked to talk about it since I was still constantly trying to get rid of the idea of buying an overpriced watch that, at the end of the day, is still only a watch. And I was really - in lack of a better word - nervous what others thought of this kind on spending. There were actually a few comments about the watch; not only from some friends who really didn't mind and were just curious of this kind on thing, but from strangers. They were all "Is that" and "How much" which was surprising since being Finnish and fairly modest (at the time), did not like the idea of flashing anything around. Anyway, in time my mind adjusted to the thought that does it really matter what others think.

I still think it does, but maybe my angle has changed to more forgiving.

I really like rubber in straps; they are very comfortable, really for all conditions and good for almost any occasion. That said, the Tag's version did not win my heart. With the same flip-lock clasp as the racing leather I loved, it's not the problem. The problem for me was that no matter how I adjusted it, the case did not settle on my wrist and wobbled around. The perforated leather, however, was perfect for me. It had sporty looks I wanted, solid and stylish clasp, the fit and finish made it perfect around my wrist, and the leather itself was such high quality that the watch sat perfectly from the first time - not something that can be said from all leather straps.

This was my first piece; 2007. Now, there are down the line after that.
Next up, my vintage spree!