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Zenith El Primero Rainbow -01

posted 15 Jul 2015, 23:51 by Markus Helander
I remember this came to my attention totally by surprise. It was just one of those things that happened while I was browsing through different fora and sales sites, not having the slightest of interest in buying anything. But there it was, after many many 7750 chronographs, something seriously more premium with its calibre 400. 

It was one of the most legendary watches ever, the El Primero by Zenith, the 02.0463.400. Obviously, I was aware of the brand, the watches and their legacy, or rather the legacy or the famous movement ticking inside, to be exact, but I never intended to purchase one. 

I've never been a fan of chronographs, maybe due to to my not-so-pleasant experiences with Valjoux chronographs. But then again, I was already selling some of my earlier vintages so why not, I thought. Make a fair trade, of sorts. After all, this would be a significant addition to my ever growing bag of experiences, so I decided to pull the trigger.

One of the most exciting things about the El Primero is its beat rate of 36.000 bph. It's a wild feeling when you take it to your ear and hear it go. Especially if you're used to the normal 28.800 bph, let alone the older standard of 21. 600 bph. To me the comparison is similar to, for example, listening to the background hum of Rolex movements or even the ultrasonic tuning fork movements.

Wild things!

Now, like many others later, this one came from Italy - Rome, maybe. Quick, good delivery with no fuss customer service turned out to be valuable when the chrono second hand, like my luck seems to dictate, stopped around 59 seconds. The partial refund was quick and easy and I got it fixed by a local watch maker.

I was actually slightly disappointed of the mere 5 atm water resistance 
even with it's screw-in crown and pushers. The screw-in mechanism, though, even if it was very basic, was somehow fantastic, I felt. I found myself fiddling it back and forth every now and again like some little school boy with a new toy.

Of course, it was a new toy to me, so maybe that explains. This toy also happened to have the most exquisite of cases to date with fancy wood and clear white cushions - something I wasn't accustomed yet and, now thinking of it, not many other later purchases have been that fine and luxurious.
Maybe that's the reason that this was the first watch I tried to photograph with slightly more effort. To me, the best memory of this is below this post; a rather artistic black on black picture of this lovely piece. Sweet device all together, I think.

The pic right below is also seen on my first Rolex post earlier (here).
The statement still stands: white is better, black is more for me and I love it!


Here's some artsy watch stuff to end this. Hope you enjoy!